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Our Mission

Keres Community Health weaves together best practices, prevention education, and sustainability for a healthier future. In addition, KCH's vision is to provide a sustainable equitable health model for diverse communities to ensure essential health and well-being. KCH is included within the Keres Group of Companies.

Our team


Timothy J. Chavez


Mr. Timothy Chavez (Pueblo of Acoma) is a Native American entrepreneur and small business owner with 30 years of experience supporting tribal, state, federal, and commercial entities in New Mexico and nationwide.  Through this experience, he observed a need for growth in all areas of business and has since established his four companies.  He is the President/CEO of Keres Consulting, Inc., Keres Real Estate, LLC, NativeVet Materiel, LLC and TJC Construction, LLC.  Mr. Chavez served in the following roles as spiritual leader, councilman, and committee member of several tribal programs for over 20 years of service at the Pueblo of Acoma. Mr. Chavez is also fluent in the Keresan language.

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Lesley Meyer

Program Manager

Ms. Lesley Meyer serves as the Keres Community Health Program Manager for the Keres Consulting, Inc. She is a fourth generation New Mexican and received her master’s degree in business administration from the University of New Mexico. Ms. Meyer joined Keres in 2015, and has seven years of project management experience serving Indigenous communities in areas including commercial tobacco prevention, food sovereignty, addressing food deserts in Native American communities, small business support, nicotine cessation, data and health indicators for Tribal communities, and youth diabetes prevention. Ms. Meyer also leads marketing and new business acquisitions for the KCH brand, managing the program’s team and trajectory.

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Kateri Chino

Project Manager

Ms. Kateri Chino (Pueblo of Acoma) serves as the Keres Community Health Project Manager. Kateri graduated from New Mexico State University with a Bachelors in Community Health and a Masters in Social Work. Ms. Chino has previous experience serving Indigenous and non-indigenous communities throughout New Mexico. Her work includes victim advocacy, program management and development, including health education/promotion. Ms. Chino worked with the State of New Mexico as a CPS Investigator for several years before onboarding with the Keres Team. Ms. Chino continues her volunteer efforts with Acoma Learning Center and the Acoma Rain Dancers. In addition to these ventures, Ms. Chino continues to be the Head Volleyball Coach at Del Norte High School.  


Josiah Concho

Project Coordinator

Josiah Concho (Navajo Nation/Pueblo of Acoma) serves as the Keres Community Health Project Coordinator for Keres Consulting, Inc. Josiah graduated from the The University of New Mexico with his bachelor’s degree in Environmental Planning and Design, with a concentration in Community Regional Planning. Through prior partnerships and experiences, Josiah worked with both tribal and nontribal communities in the state of New Mexico. Josiah’s experiences include conservation work efforts, addressing food insecurities, providing community engagement and resources for international populations, youth diabetes prevention, commercial tobacco education and serving as a community planner and designer for various tribal and urban communities. Josiah also provides internal graphic design support for the Keres Group of Companies. 

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